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Tue 27, Jan. 09
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Originating in Denmark hosting has over half a million clients so must be doing something right. Right ?

There are 3 different hosting packages with, the only difference between them being the amount of disk space ( storage ) offered. The amount of traffic / transfer allowed is “unlimited”, which always makes me a bit suspicious. Then again this is a big company so it would be great to get reviews from anyone getting a lot of traffic on these cheap hosting plans. It makes sense then to start out with the cheapest package and upgrade if and when the need arises. I queried on this and it is easy to do ( automated ) in the control panel, and you only pay the difference. don’t have fantastico on their control panel so this means a manual upload of wordpress would be required. Another point to note is that only one domain ( but unlimited subdomains ) is allowed per account.

I always like to see a money back guarantee and offer a 15 day no quibble refund.

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  • December 21st, 2011 - 11:27 am Review by Marlin
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