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Wed 4, Mar. 09
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Namesco are another web hosting provider with a long pedigree. Dating back as far as 1996 ! Namesco merged with in 2004. If you are looking for the best UK hosting, popular alternatives are Evo Hosting, Native Space and EZPZ all of whom offer CPanel hosting.

Apart from web hosting and domain names they are also are a provider of broadband.

All the hosting packages include installation scripts for wordpress, come with free Google adwords voucher and have daily backups.

To be able to host multiple domains / websites though you will have to choose the “designer” package.

In common with many web hosts you can save money on the Namesco hosting packages by signing up for a year and make the biggest savings by going for a 2 year package. Namesco support for web hosting is available by phone (UK based and 0845 number) as well as Email.

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