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pouliches wertheimer années 1960 here LCN hosting who have been around since the year 2000 have a specific hosting package for WordPress. It features 100MB of disk space and 1GB of data transfer as well as 5 Email accounts which you can access via the web or have them forwarded. WordPress is available with the 1 click installation.

ultrastructure fibre musculaire Not a massive package but it’s important to be realistic about how much space you will use and traffic you actually will have rather than paying for something you will never use fully. The price at the time of writing is just £20 for a whole year which seems very good value so really interested to get some reviews on LCN hosting from existing customers. brayton steam engine If you are looking for reliable UK hosting popular hosts include evo hosting, ezpz hosting, native space, webhosting UK and Heart Internet Hosting.

actes infirmiers de soins go A 30 day money back guarantee is always nice to see and LCN offer that. I have had a look at the terms & conditions and there is nothing unusual there. The final thing I wanted to mention is that I saw that LCN hosting are giving free or cheap web hosting to UK registered charities. Oh and now I notice they are carbon neutral too.

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