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Tue 4, Aug. 09
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EZPZ hosting is a relatively small web hosting company started by a group of web designers when they became frustrated at the performance and support of a large hosting provider. With EZPZ you get great value UK hosting with good service.

Now I need to start by disclosing that EZPZ host this site, so if it’s slow you know what to think 😉

So far I have been very happy with EZPZ hosting. The speed they answer my queries is in single digit minutes – it’s always nice to see that the after sales service is as quick as the pre-sales ! I have had to do a couple of technical things like request a restoration, and also used the automated back up system to restore a site I made a mess up of (they auto back-up 4 times day) and both were fine.

I find the cpanel very practical, mostly using the file manager, and of course fantastico for easy installation of wordpress and other programmes.

Sign up process was fine, no hidden costs and a very fast set up with plain English instructions on how to get started. Few minor points I noticed – they take paypal or credit card via Google checkout, they are carbon negative and have the 30 day no quibble money back guarantee that I always like to see.

Small and friendly ? You decide.

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  • March 27th, 2009 - 2:34 pm Review by FlexHolidays.co.uk
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