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1and1 Hosting Review

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weibo sign up english here 1&1 hosting / 1and1 hosting, I’m never quite sure how they prefer to be known are one of the largest web hosting companies around. 1 and 1 UK is a subsidiary of 1 and 1 AG which is a German company.

kurz emu cnb I’ve got some domains registered through 1and1 and that has always been fine. Cheap and efficient.

navette argentré vitre When I was looking for the best wordpress web hosting I did see a lot of bad reviews out there for 1and1 but it’s important to remember that 1 and 1 is a huge web hosting provider so has literally millions of customers. As most people will know a satisfied customer doesn’t tell anyone about his or her experience but a pissed off customer will tell anyone that will listen ! Anyway that’s what this wordpress hosting review site is all about so please, if you have a hosting experience with 1and1, write a review and help others make an informed choice.

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