Why WordPress?

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Known as an extremely powerful, customisable and user-friendly content management system, WordPress celebrated it’s tenth birthday on 27th May 2013. During those ten years it has grown from it’s roots as a blogging software to power 18% of all websites! See more WordPress facts and figures in our infographic below!

WordPress Infographic by WordPressHosting.org.uk

The Trending Wonders of WordPress

Love WordPress? Is it your go-to platform for either writing or revenue? You’re not the only one! WordPress is used by 56.3% of all content management systems, and accounts for 18.5% of all websites!

As of May 2013, there were 7,570,677 websites that were using WordPress, AND 1,759 WordPress.org themes were available to download on WordPress.org. In total, there have been 70,630,697 WordPress downloaded themes and counting! Furthermore, there are 24,897 WordPress plugins available to download, and 453,551,157 WordPress plugins that have been downloaded (and counting).

Did You Know?

1,388,298 of WordPress websites are within the most visited sites on the internet, and 6,182,379 of WordPress websites account for the remainder of internet sites.

Version 3 is used by 97.6% of all the websites that use WordPress. Version 2 is used by 2.4% and Version 1 accounts for 0.1% of WordPress websites.

389 million people view more than 3.6 billion pages per month, and WordPress is the 18th most popular site within the UK!

WordPress Top 10 Website Industry Distribution

In terms of website industry distribution, the WordPress platform accounts for 25.45% of “other” and 16.55% of the “business” sector. “Social” represents 10.64% and “technology” represents 9.67%. “Entertainment” accounts 9.32%, “news” for 7.51%, and both “shopping” and “adult” each representing 6.31% of the website distribution sector. The remaining two were “sports” at 4.25%, and “health” at 3.88%.

WordPress Top 10 Hosting Providers

In terms of top WordPress hosting providers, Softlayer comes in at 23.99%, GoDaddy at 16.06% and BlueHost for 14.53%. HostGator represents 10.76% of the top WordPress hosting providers, along with Layered Tech at 6.99%. ServerBeach accounts for 6.95%, Hetzner at 5.47%, DreamHost Hosting at 5.45%, Rackspace at 4.95% and 1and1 with 4.86%.

Big Brands Using WordPress

The following are big-time brands that sport the WordPress platform, proudly:

  • CNN
  • Flickr
  • TopGear
  • Adobe
  • TechCrunch
  • SoundCloud
  • SONY
  • Spotify

If you are Interested in UK WordPress hosting options, visit http://wordpresshosting.org.uk/ and browse the wide range of WordPress hosting reviews in order to determine which web hosting provider is most suitable for your site endeavor!

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