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Finding the best host for wordpress

What a nightmare. I spent far too long looking for the best web hosting solution for my websites, literally months actually.

This site aims to solve all of that by letting website  owners give their own reviews about the web hosting they have used with wordpress.

Why should you review your web hosting provider ?

1) This site has removed the default wordpress “nofollow” in the comments section so when you leave your sites URL as part of your web hosting review it may help your search engine ranking in the future.

2) By leaving your review (more detail the better), you might be helping someone else avoid a web hosting nightmare or you might help them on their way to web hosting paradise.

3) In the future I hope to be able to give out prizes to people kind enough to share their web hosting experience. Don’t wait for that though as all comments submitted before any prize draw is announced will be in the draw !

Writing a useful review

First please set the scene by giving the reader an idea of what package you used and what your requirements were.

Please give as much detail as you can about your experience with the web host you are reviewing.

Examples of what to cover in your web hosting review:

Did the customer support live up to the sales pitch ? How is the communication in general ? Experienced any downtime ? If you have needed some technical help ( lucky if you haven’t ! ), did you get the help you needed promptly. Do you like the control panel and included features, any hidden extras to look out for ?

Thanks for reading , to contact the webmaster for anything please use this form :

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