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Thu 5, Mar. 09
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Canadian web hosting provider HostPapa have a motto “let papa take care of you” so it will be interesting to see the reviews and see if Papa has been looking after his customers.

HostPapa offers you the chance to host unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage, has fantastico scripts, 24/7 email support and offers a 30day money back guarantee.

About HostPapa:
We understand that our customers’ web sites are important and that they need to be able to count on us to ensure that their service is not interrupted. We have established a solid foundation to offer a hosting solution for small-to-medium sized businesses that is reliable, easy-to-use, and customer service-oriented, all for a low cost. At HostPapa, we value our customers and recognize their need for outstanding customer service.

HostPapa has taken the initiative of going green by purchasing 100% Green Renewable energy to power our data center, web servers, office computers, laptops and office space. These energy sources supply HostPapa’s entire equivalent energy consumption into the power-grid with certified 100% renewable green energy sources, such as wind and solar powered energy.

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