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Thu 5, Mar. 09
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Good Avocado Hosting is a US host offering an incredible hosting package for a low price. Unlimited webspace, unlimited traffic, host unlimited websites. All this backed up by a no questions asked money back guarantee. To top it off Good Avocado are carbon neutral. Good Avocado don’t have fantastico but have an equivalent system in their control panel called Application Installer which allows the 1 click install or wordpress.

Sorry if this is short and reads like a sale pitch but on the face of it there is nothing to criticise Good Avocado web hosting for, that’s what this website is for so it will be really interesting to see if Good Avocado are as good as they claim. As a little test while we wait for the Good Avocado hosting reviews to come flooding in [hint hint] I put a question to their email support and it took 38 minutes to come back.

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